GlamAir Dryer

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  • Introducing the Glam Air Dryer: your ultimate solution for drying makeup brushes, wigs, & crafts with ease. With only 20 prototypes remaining, I am offering them at an exclusive discount. These prototypes, fully functional and versatile, allow you to experience our innovative drying technology at an unbeatable price. Secure your prototype today, because after these 20 sell out, pre-orders for the Glam Air Dryer will begin.

Wig & Weave Drying 💎 Benefits

  • No more HAND blow drying, using up valuable
  • Use GlamAIR as your HANDS FREE hair drying assistant to Optimize moneymaking time
  • No more hooded dryer's or waiting long hours for your wigs n weaves to dry
  • Quickly dries wigs & weaves in minutes 60 mins or less
  • NO more air dry (cutting 24 hours off dry time)
  • Perfect for At-home use


  • The ONLY HANDFREE Wig & Weave Dryer in the world !
  • Portable & Travel friendly
  • Professional Look
  • Dries Wias & Weaves in 60 min VS 24-48 hours

💎Makeup Brush Drying Benefits💎

  • QUICKLY and safely dries makeup brushes in minutes (up to 10x FASTER than air drying).
  • DRIES 10-150 brushes in 30 min or less V.S. 24hour air dry time/No more laying brushes in front of a fan No more dirty brush build up
  • Speeding up a the brush drying process equates to valuable time and money when it comes to being able to serve more clients

NO MORE ......

  • Sitting under dryer
  • Hanging wigs all over the house
  • Hand drying

Current Brush Drying options on the market = NONE

With make-up being so popular now, many everyday women are acquiring several make-up brushes making this great for at-home use as well as beauty stores and spas.

Most of the competitors available today are not feasible, have poor design, and are because of their drying methods which are not realistic. Most offer the ability to clean only and for one brush at a time. If you have dozens of brushes the cleaning and drying time could be increased by more than 80%.

Some other available products are merely rack systems that encourage air drying, however, that still takes about 24 hours and only 1 to 15 brushes can be dried at a time. That's not realistic for a make-up artist who can have as many as 200 brushes in their kit.

Current Wig & Weave Drying options on the market = NONE

As you can see, the GLAM AIR is a big must-have for the beauty industry! It's great for stylists and wig makers to allow a quick hands-free" drying method, allowing them to use their hands and time to make more money. No more hanging wigs all over the house/salon or waiting days for them to FULLY air dry. GLAM AIR offers a fast, efficient & professional option for drying your weaves.

GLAM AIR is not only for pros but great for at-home use as well. It's great for a wash & rinse, after the gym, or a quick swim!


There is no real drying solution for make up brushes. Below you will find major magazines and blogs that are desperate for #hacks to solve the problem! Solution? Everyone needs a blow job from GlamAirDryer many of the existing products have bad reviews or simply don’t work. Another issue is that competitors can only dry a small amount of brushes as opposed to the Glamair that can Dry up to 150 brushes at once!

Popular Uses of GlamAir

Drying Crafts

Drying T-shirt designs

Drying Lashes (after cleaning)

Drying Compression Socks

Drying Decrotive phone cases

And any other small projects

The main goal is to have this product sold in major retailers MAC, ULTA, MACY, SEPHORA, NAIMES, TARGET, fabric store, craft stores and other large and small cosmetic & hair retailers & spas.

Meet the creator

Coco Marie!

Hi I am Collette Brew, a.k.a. iHeartCocoMarie, owner of GlamAir products Inc. I am a native of Orlando Florida and a graduate of the University of South Florida with a BA degree in psychology. I am a natural born entrepreneur! Ever since I can remember I have always enjoy creating beautiful products for ladies who love glamour and fashion. As a preteen I would enhance a plain bandannas with beautiful stenciled glitter designs and sell them to family and friends. While attending USF I supported myself by making unique costume jewelry that I sold by going to nail shops and beauty salons to show and sell my products. Soon my interest turned to doing make up. I studied the techniques of a popular successful make up artists and even did a short 1 year tenure at Mac cosmetics where I confirmed for myself that working for someone else was not my cup of tea. So I struck out on my own as an independent make up artist and never looked back!! EVA Hunty!! I have been a successful independent make up artist for over 10 years. I do all makeup techniques from the simplest natural look to the extreme fantasy look and anything in between for both individuals and groups for every occasion.


In all my endeavors I always sought a means of making a task easier, faster and more efficient without sacrificing quality. Being a make up artist requires the use of newly cleaned brushes for each client. If left to air dry a freshly washed brush can take 24 hours or more to thoroughly dry which is too long for a busy make up artist. It was then that I realised I wanted a dryer that could easily accommodate the large volume of brushes | use and that's how GlamAir was born!

Collette Marie aka Coco Marie
Inventor, Womanprenuer
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